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The Access24 Program offers unique opportunities and premium experiences around the renowned FORMULA 1 ROLEX AUSTRALIAN GRAND PRIX 2024 event. Enhancing the race weekend, patrons access various tokens, with the Base Token acting as the gateway to premium Experience Tokens. From immersive Pit Lane Walks to the exhilarating VIP Guest Laps, the Access24 Program promises memorable moments for fans.

Please check out the specific Token details and our FAQs page for more information regarding specific Access24 benefits and experiences.

If you would like to purchase more than one Pit Lane Walk Token, you will need to purchase an equal number of Base Tokens. For example, if you'd like to purchase 3 Pit Lane Walk Tokens, then you'll need to purchase 3 Base Tokens.

The Access24 program launch will begin with the sale of Access24 Base Tokens at 12pm on Thursday, 22nd of February, 2024. Experience Tokens such as Pit Lane Walks and the other premium experiences will go on-sale from 12pm on Tuesday, 5th of March, 2024.

Numbers are limited so we recommend purchasing early to avoid disappointment.

An individual will need to have a Base Token in order to purchase Experience Tokens, but once Experience Tokens have been purchased, they may be gifted to individuals without a Base Token, providing the giftee with access to the experience.

If you are gifted an Experience Token without a Base Token and would like to purchase more, you will need to add a Base Token as well.

Unless specified otherwise, the purchase of an individual Token enables one individual person of any age to access the benefit or experience associated with that Token.

Specifically for Pit Lane Walks, Children 14 years of age and under can accompany an adult. Individuals over 14 years will be required to have their own Pit Lane Walk Token. Children under 3 years will not be issued a wristband at the Access24 Booth, whilst children between the ages of 3 to 14 will be.

There is no age limit for entry into the program, however participants must have a valid email address, mobile phone number, and a credit card will be required.

Some experiences may have age restrictions so please check the Token 'details' dropdown for such requirements.

If the FORMULA 1 ROLEX AUSTRALIAN GRAND PRIX 2024 is postponed or cancelled your Tokens will automatically be honoured at the rescheduled date where possible. Should you be unable to attend the new date, refunds will be offered within 30 days of the announced rescheduled date. If the FORMULA 1 ROLEX AUSTRALIAN GRAND PRIX 2024 is cancelled, your Tokens will be refunded directly.

If you have any accessibility queries, please reach out to our customer service team for assistance at

The following links will take you to the applicable Access24 terms and conditions: Access24 Terms of Use, the Power’d Platform Terms, and the Power’d Privacy Policy.

All customer enquiries relating to the Access24 program can be directed to

Please note, the Access24 customer service team operates Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm AEDT (excluding public holidays). We will try to respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.

Post Purchase

You can find your Tokens on the 'My Tokens' page of the Access24 Website. From there you can view the details of the experiences you’ve purchased, as well as gift them to friends and family.

Once purchased, head to the 'Profile' page via the menu to download your Access24 Wallet Pass to your mobile device. You will need to show your Access24 Wallet Pass to gain access to benefits and experiences at the event.

If you have purchased a Pit Lane Walk, you will need to collect your wristband from the Access24 Booth prior to the Pit Lane Walk session. Pit Lane Walk redemption instructions will be sent out via email closer to the event.

If you have purchased any other experience token, the Access24 team will be in touch to provide you with further details leading up to the event.

Once you have redeemed an Experience Token you will not be able to re-use that Token to access that experience again.

The Access24 Booth will be located just inside of Gate 1. The Booth will be your location for the collection of any wristbands required for experience access, as well as general program enquiries.

If you hold a Base Token, the redemption code and link required to redeem your Thursday Park Pass Ticket will be sent to you via email before the start of the event.

You will need to follow the link, enter your unique code and select 1 x Thursday Park Pass Ticket before proceeding to checkout on the Ticketmaster website.

The unique code will give access to one ticket only. If you have multiple Base Tokens, you will be sent a unique code for each of those Tokens.

Access24 Base Token holders are eligible for 5% discount at Event Merchandise and Team Merchandise stalls throughout the FORMULA 1 ROLEX AUSTRALIAN GRAND PRIX 2024 event. Please note, some smaller merchandise stalls are not included in the discount program, so make sure you check before you purchase. Please present Merchandise staff proof of your Base Token either from the Access24 website or in your mobile wallet to receive the discount.

Yes, this is a great idea to make sure that you have access to your Access24 Account on your device all the time.

On iPhone when you are on the Access24 website, tap the “share” icon in your browser then select “Add to Home Screen”. This will add an icon for Access24 on the home screen of your phone.

On Android, when you are on the Access24 website, tap the three dots in your browser that display the menu. Tap “Add to Home Screen”. This will add an icon for Access24 on the home screen of your phone.

The Australian Grand Prix Corporation has partnered with Power’d Digital to deliver the Access24 program. As such, Power’d Digital Pty Ltd Sydney will appear as the merchant on your Credit Card statement.

Access24 Tokens are able to be gifted on the ‘My Tokens’ page. To send a Token as a gift, you will be required to share the created gift link with the intended recipient. The recipient will then need to sign in or register for the Access24 Program in order to accept the gift. The Token will be removed from your account, and you will receive an email notification confirming that the gift has been accepted. This straightforward procedure ensures a smooth gifting experience.

If you have shared a gift link but the recipient has not yet accepted the gift then you are able to cancel a gift by clicking ‘Cancel Gift’. A member should cancel a gift if they need to access any of the benefits associated with the Token that is being gifted.

Other Tokens may be able to be gifted too. In the case that they are, the same gifting process described above will apply.

Please note that Tokens may only be gifted once.

If you only have one Access24 Base Token in your account you won't be able to gift it, as we want to prevent a group of individuals from exploiting the benefits associated with an individual Base Token.


Patrons will be given the opportunity to purchase up to 6 tickets per Access24 Base Token that they hold for the FORMULA 1 AUSTRALIAN GRAND PRIX 2025. Access24 Base Token holders will receive a Pre-Sale code for each Base Token that they own. Pre-Sale codes cannot be entered together to allow for more than 6 tickets to be purchased in the same transaction.

The Access24 program has been designed to ensure that all program members who purchased a Base Token will be given the opportunity to be able to purchase tickets for the 2025 event via Pre-Sale Access. Ticket location and days are not guaranteed.

No, the Pre-Sale date has not been confirmed.

Not all grandstands will be available for the Pre-Sale but there will be plenty of options for you to access, nevertheless. Further details will be provided closer to the Pre-Sale date.

The 2025 Ticket Pre-Sale date hasn't been confirmed as yet, but keep an eye on your inbox later in 2024, as this is when this information will be confirmed!

You will also receive an email with these details plus your Pre-Sale code closer to the pre-sale date.